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The State of Healthcare Social Listening

Online conversations produce enormous amounts of data—by 2027, almost six billion people are expected to use social media*. Insights from these online conversations help your brand understand what your customers REALLY think, feel, and need.
By “listening” to real-time conversations based on specific keywords and phrases, regions, and/or personas, you can gain a more holistic view of what’s happening within your business landscape.
Check out our new Social Listening Whitepaper for a step-by-step guide on how this channel can unlock exclusive insights to your 2023 strategy.

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  • Optimize how you engage your target physicians: social listening uncovers how HCPs talk about certain disease states, offering insights into how you can fill unmet needs
  • Prioritize channels physicians value: 89% find physician-only platforms more credible**
  • Keep a pulse on the market: know your standing in the market to combat misconceptions about your brand and position your products against the competition
Listen up! HCPs are talking online—are you in the conversation?